Lee Merkhofer Consulting Priority Systems

Environmental Restoration

Several priority systems have been delivered to help companies and government organizations prioritize the clean-up of hazardous waste sites. A well-known example is the Environmental Restoration Priority System (ERPS), developed for the Department of Energy to help allocate its $1.5 billion budget. An independent review concluded, “This system represents an impressive intellectual accomplishment... Innovations are found in many areas... The tool fits the problem very well.”

Environmental Restoration

Community Development

Our priority systems are being used by several city and county governments. As an example, Salisbury, NC, was seeking changes to attract and retain business while enhancing community quality of life. Teaming with Cook & Associates, we conducted a framing workshop that produced a simple tool that the City Manager and his staff are now using to develop and defend recommendations to elected officials. As stated by one participant, “We understand the framework, it is a process for getting answers.”


Stakeholder Involvement

Allowing stakeholders to participate in a prioritization exercise can reduce controversy. Teaming with CH2MHill we worked with a 25-member citizens committee to rank proposals for easing traffic congestion near Portland Oregon. Another project prioritized sites in New Mexico for constructing a hazardous waste facility. Participants concluded, “As citizens, we were pleased that government employees reached out to the community early in the process...We believe we have made a difference.”

Stakeholders Meeting