Lee Merkhofer Consulting Priority Systems

How We Can Help

Explore the information on this website. I try to present all of the advice and tools you'll need to design and implement effective project prioritization and project portfolio management (PPM). Ideally, you'll find everything you need for success.

If you would like direct assistance, we would, of course, be delighted to help. For more than 20 years Ive been working with private- and public-sector clients to design and implement formal project prioritization and portfolio management solutions. Increasing your capability and effectiveness is our primary goal.

Here are some of the ways that we can help if you are making (or trying to make) the move to PPM:

  • Training. Best-practice methods and processes for prioritizing projects and managing project portfolios.
  • Current/future state analysis. Document current process maturity and define target capability. Provide cost/benefit analysis and business case for change.
  • Facilitated framing and tool implementation workshops. Configure portfolio categories, select evaluation metrics, quantify the dollar value of projects, and account for risk.
  • PPM tool reviews and selection advice. Define requirements and understand the tool landscape.
  • Project prioritization and portfolio management software.
  • PPM workflow and process design. Establish PPM governance and project prioritization processes.

We are knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, and results driven. Our focus is helping clients do what will work best in their specific situations. If the information on this site turns out to be all you need, great. If not, contact me, I will be glad to help.