Lee Merkhofer Consulting Priority Systems

Appendix:  Criteria for Evaluating Project Portfolio Management Tools

The tables below provide the criteria used by the PPM tool evaluation aid organized into the four criteria categories. See the paper for instructions for using the aid.

I.  Database Management and Other General Considerations

Data Management Criteria
Governance Criteria
Displays and Reporting Criteria
Communication Criteria
Help and Training Criteria
Delivery Criteria
Vendor Criteria

II.  Project Evaluation and Portfolio Optimization

Decision Aiding Criteria
Financial Analysis Criteria
Risk Analysis Criteria
Project Evaluation Criteria
Project Valuation Criteria
Prioritization and Optimization Criteria

III.  Project Planning and Project Management

Project Planning Criteria
Workflow Management Criteria
Project Data and Status Reporting Criteria
Support Criteria
Project Close Out Criteria

IV.  Resource Management and Supply Demand Balancing

Resource Management Criteria
Demand Management Criteria
Resource Assignment Criteria
Supply Demand Balancing Criteria
Time Tracking Criteria