Lee Merkhofer Consulting Priority Systems

Collaborative Process

Client participation is essential to create an effective priority system and to achieve necessary “buy-in” and understanding. Three “teams” are established:

  1. A Core Team composed of the client manager, support staff, and an expert in multi-objective decision analysis. The Core Team is responsible for assembling, testing, and applying the priority system.
  2. An Executive Review Team composed of client policy makers, responsible for guiding the design and providing all policy inputs (e.g., system weights).
  3. Technical Teams, as needed, responsible for ensuring proper representation of relevant technical considerations (e.g., regulatory issues, sources of project risks, etc.).
process diagram

Each phase includes workshop meetings. Facilitation aids and structured processes are used to minimize client time commitments. The Core Team meets with the Technical Teams to ensure that technical issues and assumptions are accurately captured. Meetings with the Executive Team provide policy inputs and approve key milestones.

In addition to creating a powerful tool, our process improves decision clarity and positions the client team for successful ongoing applications. The organization becomes more focused on business value drivers and more effective at allocating its resources.