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Excel Project Prioritization Tools

If you've read my papers, you know that nearly all PPM tools are incapable of correctly prioritizing projects. To accurately prioritize you need to quantify project value, and that requires multi-objective decision analysis (MODA). But, MODA models demand more complex mathematics and must be customized. Software vendors have neither skill nor interest in delivering solutions of this kind.

My Excel applications are powerful, easy to use, project prioritization tools that incorporate insights gained from my life-long career developing MODA solutions. My most recent and least-cost Excel tool has a breakthrough design that makes necessary customization remarkably easy.

My Excel tools are delivered with optional training. Prices are low to make them attractive to any organization.

  • Do you really need expensive software? Half of all organizations practicing PPM rely on Excel, more than all vendor tools combined.
  • Experts recommend starting PPM with a tool that is simple to use. Learn PPM without having to learn complex software.
  • Accurate project prioritization is the key to deriving the greatest possible value from your project portfolio.
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Also known as multi-attribute utility analysis (MUA).

Excel PPM tool