Lee Merkhofer Consulting Priority Systems

Step 2: Define performance measures

Performance measures quantify the degree to which objectives are achieved. They are typically obtained from technical specialists using a facilitated assessment process involving influence diagrams.

Objective Selected Performance Measure Required Estimate
Bring items likely to be used Frequency of use Number of times item would be used
Bring items whose use enhances enjoyment Benefit per use Benefit score:

4 = Major benefit added

3 = Significant benefit added

2 = Moderate benefit added (about

½ that judged “major”)

1 = Minor benefit added

0 = No benefit added

Avoid bringing heavy items Item weight Weight in pounds
Avoid bringing big items Item size Volume (length x width x height, in inches)

As illustrated, performance measures can be measurable attributes of the alternatives (like size) or constructed scoring scales. Models are often constructed to predict performance measure values.